Croma Retail (2012)

Croma, being one of India’s biggest electronic retailers were falling behind online e-tailers like Flipkart and Snapdeal. The objective of was to build an Omni channel business model for Croma as a brand that will compliment Click and Brick business both together.


increase in unique visitors
increase in page views
increase in sales


The main challenges were to elevate Croma’s online presence, boost the number of unique visitors, simplifying the user journey, increase sales and build one of a kind Omni channel checkout feature which gave the user a unique option of buying online and picking up at the store.


Before getting started it was imperative for me to analyse the previous website first. I started by going through the relevant data in Google analytics and also carried out a short survey with the existing users of the website. Some of the insights gained from that analysis were lack of focus on the users, absence of brand values and a very limited website in terms of features.

I initiated my research by doing a competitive analysis of the current big e-tailers. I looked at their information architecture, user journey and set of features.

This was followed by interviewing the Croma Sales and Marketing Teams and identifying the types of users who mainly consisted of product based shoppers (shoppers who know exactly what they want), researchers (shoppers who collect product knowledge and are looking for the right combination of price and features) and deal hunters (shoppers looking for a bargain). This helped me to create detailed personas about each user group.

Once the personas were established, the process of mapping each personas’ journey was determined. After this user interviews were conducted and with the findings (small tweaks in information architecture, user journey feedback, set of features) I had good insights for the structure of the website’s mock ups.

User testing was a continous process which we kept conducting inorder to optimize the website as much as possible


Keeping in mind Croma’s motto of “We help you Buy”, we built the website around this principle. A multi faceted search with features like suggester, spelling correction and synonym matcher was implemented in order to help the user easily find the product he was looking for.

A very simple and intuitive navigation was created based on the earlier research. Apart from this, world class features like what’s trending, latest reviews, quick view of products and innovative product comparison sections were added to make it a much more engaging experience.

The product grid page has filters and sorting options for the users to narrow down the right product for themselves. Quick view allows the user get a peak at the product without actually going to the product page. Thereby saving a lot of time for the user

This was one of the world’s first websites to curate user and expert reviews as well as video reviews in the product page itself and thereby helping the consumer make a quick and easy decision. The website also contained buying guides and blog section with reviews and tech news to increase user engagement and promote frequent visits from users. The product page contained a secondary navigation on the side making it easy for the user to scroll to the various sections automatically

We created a very dynamic product comparison feature, once again keeping Croma’s motto at the forefront. Upto 4 products could be compared at a time and the user could switch the order of the products if he wished to compare them side-by-side.

There is also a single page checkout with multiple payment options on the site. Croma was the first Indian retailer to provide Omni channel checkout which gives users a unique option of buying online and pick up at store.